ESCA Committee

The list of current committee members, along with other roles that individuals have, is as follows:
  • Neil Granger: President, Div 5 rep, Social Media Sub Committee Lead & Youth Grants
  • TBA: Secretary – Please contact the President or use the contact us form.
  • Peter Kingsbury: Treasurer, Finance Sub Committee lead, Cricket Balls & Match Returns and Stats System
  • David Gibson: Past President, Development Sub Committee Lead & Sunday Development League Coordinator
  • Bill Polson: General committee member
  • Phil Yelland: Past President, Disciplinary Sub Committee Lead & Sunday Development League Coordinator
  • TBC: Ladies’ Cricket Representative
  • Ramsay Allan: Competitions Convenor
  • Neil Davidson: Umpires
  • Chris Grindell: South Representative
  • Robin Pollok: Championship rep
  • Neil Leitch: Div 1 rep
  • Basil Khan: Div 2 rep
  • Uday Kumar: Div 3 rep
  • Clive Allen: Div 4 Rep
  • Bob Mowat: Div 6 rep
  • Tahir Ahmad: Div 7 rep
  • Senthil Nathan: Braw Skelp

An organogram showing the above and composition of sub-committees will be posted here in due course.