Women and Girls’ Grants & Funding Information

Since 2013, ESCA have provided ESCA associated clubs with the opportunity to claim grants for developing their youth cricket aspirations and projects.  A large number of teams have taken advantage of the scheme, with a little over £17,000 given to clubs.

Given the positive reception to the funding opportunities, and the growing success of women and girls cricket in the Scotland, ESCA wanted to provide similar funding opportunities.  The maximum grant is £1,000 per club, per season.

As with the Junior grants, there are restrictions on what can be claimed for and it is expected that the club contribute a small amount to the project too, therefore there are no 100% funded projects.  The full Ts and Cs are available in the online application form.

Once the online application is completed, it will be assessed and, if successful, the money will be passed to the club via the named contact.

The money is there and it is simple to apply. We would encourage teams to do so. We also note that if you claimed for junior grants in previous years, you are entitled to claim for money through the Women and Girls’ fund too (obviously not for the same equipment!!)


Online Application Form


Beyond Boundaries – West of Scotland v Stirling.
Stirlingshire Cricket Club, Stirling, Stirlingshire, UK.
Pic shows: Beyond Boundaries – West of Scotland v Stirling
Credit: Ian Jacobs