Match Portal Information Centre

This page will be used to keep clubs up to date with the training material and guidance associated with the new match portal.


Administration Platform

The link to the administration platform is here:

All clubs need to nominate at least one individual as an administrator for their club on the Administration Platform. In addition, anyone wishing to score a game or enter the scorecard after a game needs to have a Login ID. The Login ID can be used to sign on to both the Administration site, as well as the scoring software.

If you do not have an administrator, or need to change it, please can clubs email George Burns at Cricket Scotland ( advising of their administrator, as well as those individuals who need access in order to be able to score/ enter scorecards manually. Details needed will include:

  • Name,
  • Club,
  • Role (Administrator/ Scorer),
  • Email address.


Live Scoring 

As noted previously, the new portal allows for live scoring of matches.  To do this, you will need to download the App from a supported device (iOS (Apple) & Android both supported).  Simply search for “Cricket LiveScore EU” in your app store.

iPad is recommend, however any Android tablet that’s no more than 3 years old will also work. Note for any device you need to make sure it supports the minimum operating version of the scorer app which is – iOS (Apple): iOS12.0 & Android: Android 5.0 (21). All the newer tablets (around 2-3 years old) will support these versions and beyond.


Training & Support

Support for the new portal is being provided through CS.  A link to the CS webpage is here:  Links to information rolled out to ESCA and further training materials can be found there, but links to key information is below:


Recordings of the training that was provided to the Regional Associations is here:

Links to InteractSport training for Associations & Clubs

Note that the information at the above link has been broken down into 5 sub sections – Managing Users, Communications, Managing People, Regional Association Help and Club Help. Managing Users, Communications and Managing People are articles for both Regional Bodies and Clubs, whereas specific articles relating to each sit within Regional Association Help and Club Help.

You can choose to use the Cricket Board link above where are sub sections will appear, or you can go directly to each section using the links below.

Currently, only the core features have been documented, but CS will be working on building out more content in April 2022, particularly for the Club Help section, including videos for applicable articles.

Below a link and access code to the recording of the training sessions that have been rolled out to clubs.

  • Scorer Training – Session 4 – Apr 26, 2022 06:40 PM: Recording


Player Registrations

ALL players need to be registered on the new Administration platform, in order to make the player selectable in a scorecard as part of a match return. In this regard the new platform will replace CricketStats for non-PlayerReg competitions.

However clubs should be aware that the new digital platform will NOT currently replace PlayerReg as a registration system. This will still be required for those Leagues and competitions that require a photo teamsheet (EPL, ESCA Championship, Scottish Cup).  CS have asked InteractSport to investigate what can be done from their end, but as things stand this new system is NOT a teamsheet replacement for any competition.

Thanks to the assistance of Peter Kingsbury, George Burns has bulk uploaded complete player lists for ALL ESCA clubs based on what was in the system at 19th February 2022. Any players joining a club and not registered on either of PlayerReg or CricketStats before that date will need to be registered on one or both systems, dependant in the regions/ competition in which the club plays.



CS are intending to run four Zoom sessions – two the week of 18th April ’22 and two the week after, demonstrating how to score a match on the new Cricket LiveScore EU software, and also covering off how to manually input a scorecard post-match if the club would rather score in a book.

This link ( takes you to a registration page, where you can register for one of four sessions. Each session is the repeat of the others. Candidates need attend only one session.

Sessions are scheduled for Wednesday 20th, Thursday 21st, Monday 25th and Tuesday 26th April, all commencing at 7:00pm.

An invitation to attend the chosen session will be sent following receipt of registration.


Training for Scorers Zoom sessions:

Dates will be announced week of 18th April ’22. Registration form will be sent out to all clubs via their respective Association and posted on the Digital Scoring for Club Matches page in the Club Services section of the Cricket Scotland website.