CS Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct, Model Discipline Process and COVID 19.

Over the winter a Cricket Scotland working group have been reviewing Discipline processes, following the review and update of the CS Code of Conduct last year. Whilst doing so, some minor changes have been made to the Code. There is a strong desire to improve player behaviour and ensure, wherever possible, that where there are issues these are dealt with timeously, fairly and under a simpler and more uniform process than before.

1: Cricket Scotland Code of Conduct – Updated.

The Code of Conduct underwent a major review, based on the 2019 ICC Code of Conduct prior to the 2020 season. However, as that was essentially a “non-season” for competitive cricket, we believe that some clubs may not have been aware of the updated version. The only further change of note made now has been to add an anti-discrimination clause to it (the ICC have a separate Code for this).

The Code applies to individuals, and it is vital that all clubs, captains, players and officials are aware of the Code and its contents – if issues arise, ignorance of the Code will not be seen as a defence.

Accordingly, Cricket Scotland have requested Associations to send a copy of the Code to each club and advise them to ensure that all players and officials are aware of its contents – if you are having a club’s pre-season meeting (by Zoom) that is another opportunity to highlight it.  Please confirm receipt of the Code of Conduct and place a copy of it on your website.

We would also ask that the Code is available on your own website as well as being on Cricket Scotland’s website.

2: Discipline Processes and Flowcharts.

The model discipline process is attached together with two helpful flow charts which it is hoped will make the approach to the process clear. It is expected that the key principles outlined in the process are adhered to by all Associations, although it is acknowledged that there may be minor variations due to different governance structures.

The process outlined for matches where there are officials appointed from the Cricket Scotland Match Officials Association (CSMOA) has been agreed after consultation with them an ESCA will use its best endeavours to follow this process and its reporting requirements.

It may well be appropriate for your Association to check its own Constitution and Rules to make sure that these align sufficiently with the processes outlined for matters coming under the Code as well as those which do not.  If not, then steps should be taken to make the necessary amendments before the 2021 season starts. The working group can provide advice and seek to answer any questions on these matters if required.

It is accepted that issues arising from player umpired games are more difficult and the process recommended around that if the issue is deemed to be at Level One is to consider conciliation between the clubs/players before any formal process begins.

If you have any queries about either the Code or the process please email  general@cricketscotland.com we will make sure that an answer is provided.

It is intended to review the operation of the Code and the process at the end of the 2021 season and feedback on the operation of both will be welcomed.

3: COVID 19 – Guidance and Government Regulations.

It is too early to know details of what the position will be and when the season starts, although it seems highly likely that there will still be some restrictions in place which will have to be adhered to.

Cricket Scotland will review and update its guidance around this whenever possible but the need to ensure that guidance and Government Regulations are followed falls on Associations, their member clubs, and in turn their own members. Both Cricket Scotland and ESCA wish to emphasise to clubs that breaches of the relevant regulations will potentially be subject to disciplinary action.

It is clearly very difficult to ensure that everything is followed to the letter but as we have seen from other sports, high profile “breaches” of Government Regulations has brought adverse media coverage and possible curtailment of activity. For cricket even something as seemingly insignificant as a photo of a team huddle on social media could be used to create adverse publicity about not just the individual club but the game in general and it’s really important that cricket continues to demonstrate its high level of compliance.

Although there may be cases where a COVID rule breach could lead to action against individual(s) under the Code of Conduct, it seems more likely that issues might arise about the behaviour of a team/club collectively, which is not covered by the Code. Refer to the flow charts if you are unsure.  If a club deems it necessary to sanction a member or members they may first wish to ensure that their club constitution permits them to do so. This should be seen as a general review of your powers in relation to complaints about clubs, rather than COVID specific.

Again, if you have any questions about this please speak to ESCA and CS (general@cricketscotland.com).

Thanks, in anticipation of your help and co-operation.



Cricket Scotland Code of Conduct March 2021

Disciplinary Procedure Flowchart and Notes