Fairplay scores are awarded by both teams for their opposition after every league game.  These are collated and an award is made to the top team in each division every season.

For those teams who continually get low scores, the scores and associated comments are looked at and the clubs invited to discuss them and improve them.

There are clear guidelines as to what the scores mean which should be followed by all clubs.  A copy is below:


Fairplay Scores Guidelines

3 – The game was played without any problems or events.
4 – The game was played without any problems or events but with friendly banter/chat.

The above two will cover the majority of games.

5 – There are clear examples of good sportsmanship above and beyond normal play, e.g. walking when not given out, calling batsmen back when not out, not appealing if a batsman is run out but obstructed etc.

2 – There is a bit of an edge to the game caused by such things as excessive appealing, clearly not walking, questioning decisions etc.
1 – There is genuine bad feeling caused by bad language, sledging, arguing with umpires, not shaking hands at the end etc.


  • If a score of 1, 2 or 5 is given this must be accompanied by a comment, based on these guidelines.
  • If there are isolated incidents involving individual players and they are dealt with by the captain at the time then, provided they don’t happen again, this should not count against the Fairplay score awarded to the team.
  • If a match is not played for whatever reason, use the N/A option.