Parks Trophy

The Edinburgh Public Parks Association Trophy started in 1891 and is Scotland’s oldest Cricket Cup Competition. The trophy was originally only competed for by clubs who played their matches on Public Parks in Edinburgh, but in recent years has been expanded and now includes clubs who have their own ground in the Edinburgh area.

We have been able to get a list of the majority of winners since the competition’s inception (see below), however we would welcome any further information to fill in the gaps or provide any associated items of note.

The Edinburgh Public Parks Association Trophy


Previous Winners & Runners Up

2021 Winners: Morton CC; Runners-Up: Drummond Trinity CC

2020 No competition

2019 Winners: Drummond Trinity CC; Runners Up: Holy Cross CC

2018 Winners: Morton CC; Runners Up: Murrayfield DAFS CC

2017 Winners: Murrayfield DAFS CC; Runners Up: Musselburgh CC

2016 Winners: Drummond Trinity CC

2015 Winners: Murrayfield DAFS CC

2014 Winners: Holy Cross CC; Runners Up: Marchmont CC

2013 Winners: Murrayfield DAFS CC

2012 Winners: Murrayfield DAFS CC

2011 Winners: Holy Cross CC

2010 Winners: Standard Life CC; Runners Up: Leith FAB CC

2009 Winners: Edinburgh CC

2008 Winners: Edinburgh CC; Runners Up: Leith FAB CC

2007 Winners: Standard Life CC

2006 Winners: Edinburgh CC

2005 Winners: Edinburgh CC

2004 Winners: Murrayfield DAFS CC

2003 Winners: Marchmont CC; Runners Up: Edinburgh CC

2002 Winners: Edinburgh CC

2001 Winners: Muslim CC

2000 Winners: Muslim CC

1999 Winners: Standard Life CC; Runners Up: Marchmont CC

1998 Winners: Standard Life CC

1997 Winners: Marchmont CC; Runners Up: Murrayfield CC

1996 Winners: Murrayfield CC

1995 Winners: Standard Life CC; Runners Up: Marchmont CC

1994 Winners: Marchmont CC; Runners Up: Edinburgh District Council CC

1993 Winners: Marchmont CC

1992 Winners: Corstorphine CC; Runners Up: Marchmont CC

1991 Winners: Corstorphine CC; Runners Up: Marchmont CC

1990 Winners: Holy Cross CC; Runners Up: Marchmont CC

1989 Winners: Corstorphine CC

1988 Winners: Corstorphine CC

1987 Winners: London Road CC

1986 Winners: Holy Cross CC

1985 Winners: London Road CC

1984 Winners: Hall Advertising CC

1983 Winners: Corstorphine CC

1982 Winners: Corstorphine CC

1981 Winners: Mitre CC; Runners Up: Edinburgh University Staff CC

1980 Winners: Royal Bank CC

1979 Winners: Bank of Scotland CC

1978 Winners: Bank of Scotland CC

1977 Winners: Corstorphine CC

1976 Winners: Corstorphine CC

1975 Winners: Royal Bank CC

1974 Winners: Elldee CC

1973 Winners: Elldee CC

1972 Winners: Elldee CC

1971 Winners: Elldee CC

1970 Winners: London Road CC

1969 Winners: London Road CC

1968 Winners: Sighthill CC

1967 Winners: London Road CC

1966 Winners: London Road CC

1965 Winners: London Road CC

1964 Winners: London Road CC

1963 Winners: London Road CC

1962 Winners: London Road CC

1961 Winners: London Road CC

1960 Winners: Newington CC

1959 Winners: Carrick Knowe CC

1958 Winners: Carrick Knowe CC

1957 Winners: London Road CC

1956 Winners: London Road CC/Nomads CC

1955 Winners: Corstorphine CC

1946 to 1954: No competition

1940 to 1945: World War II – Not Played

1939 winners: St Luke’s CC

1938 Winners: St Luke’s CC

1937 Winners: Portsburgh CC

1936 Winners: Western CC

1935: No winner noted

1934 Winners: Melville CC

1933 Winners: Melville CC

1932 Winners: Melrosian CC

1931 Winners: Portsburgh CC

1930 Winners: St Luke’s CC

1929 Winners: Portsburgh CC

1928 Winners: Edinburgh Indians CC

1927 Winners: Edinburgh Indians CC

1926 Winners: Edinburgh Indians CC

1925 Winners: London Road Church CC

1924 Winners: Rosedale CC

1923 Winners: Murrayfield CC

1922 Winners: London Road Church CC

1920 to 1921: No competition

1919: No competition

1914 to 1918: World War I – Not Played

1910 to 1913: No competition

1909 Winners: Pentland CC

1908 Winners: Fauldhouse Victoria CC

1907: No winner noted

1906 Winners: Roseberry CC

1905 Winners: Pentland CC

1904 Winners: Roseberry CC

1903 Winners: Roseberry CC

1902 Winners: Pentland CC

1901 Winners: Roseberry CC

1900 Winners: Roseberry CC

1899 Winners: Edinburgh Perthshire CC

1898 Winners: Roseberry CC

1897 Winners: St Bernards CC

1896 Winners: Newtongrange Lothian CC

1895 Winners: Newtongrange Lothian CC

1894 Winners: Forth CC

1893 Winners: Forth CC

1892 Winners: Chalmers Athletic CC

1891 Winners: Chalmers University Settlement CC


Most Wins

13 London Road CC
9 Corstorphine CC
7 Murrayfield Dafs CC
6 Roseberry CC
5 Standard Life CC
5 Edinburgh CC
4 Elldee CC
4 Holy Cross CC
4 Marchmont CC
3 Pentland CC
3 Edinburgh Indians CC
3 St Luke’s CC
3 Portsburgh CC
2 Forth CC
2 Newtongrange Lothian CC
2 London Road Church CC
2 Melville CC
2 Carrick Knowe CC
2 Royal Bank CC
2 Bank of Scotland CC
2 Muslim CC
2 Morton CC
1 Chalmers University Settlement CC
1 Chalmers Athletic CC
1 St Bernards CC
1 Edinburgh Perthshire CC
1 Fauldhouse Victoria CC
1 Nomads CC
1 Rosedale CC
1 Melrosian CC
1 Western CC
1 Newington CC
1 Sighthill CC
1 Mitre CC
1 Hall Advertising CC
1 Drummond Trinity CC