This page will show only active or recent (last 12 months) disciplinary statements.  Archived statements will only be available to the committee.

21st August 2017

Pete Maksimczyk of Marchmont has accepted a Level 1 reprimand in respect of dissenting umpires’ decisions during a match against Carlton on 12th August 2017.


6th July 2017

Liam Hard of Marchmont has accepted a Level 1 reprimand in respect of his disputing an umpire’s decision and using inappropriate language during a match against Gala on 1st July 2017.


27th June 2017

George Munsey of Watsonians accepted a Level 1 censure for deliberately knocking his bat into the stumps, thus dislodging the bails, whilst leaving the field after his dismissal in a Masterton fixture against Marchmont at Myreside on 1st June 2017.


2nd June 2017

On Saturday 6th May 2017 and Saturday 13th May 2017 Edinburgh Academicals fielded an ineligible player, Osama Nasir Siagal, in ESCA Division 1 League Matches, the player having previously represented Renfrew Cricket Club in the WDCU Division 1 League Match on Saturday 29th April 2017.


Following the responses received from Edinburgh Academicals which indicate that Edinburgh Academicals did not seek ESCA permission to play the player in ESCA League matches prior to those dates, the ESCA Competitions Committee view this as a breach of East League Rule 7.1  (no player may play East League cricket if they have played a competitive game for any other club in the United Kingdom (UK) that season without first obtaining the permission to do so from the Competitions Committee).


The ESCA Competitions Committee have applied a sanction to Edinburgh Academicals for this breach under East League Rule 14.2. The match on 6th May 2017 will be awarded 20-0 to Edinburgh South, and the match played on 13th May 2017 will be awarded 20-0 to RHC.


March 2017

After the final round of appeal findings concluded on 27th March 2017, Ankit Seghal of Edinburgh Accies has been given an official reprimand for his conduct in relation to the Spirit of the Game in the Division 5 game against Hawick & Wilton on June 18.  It is a Level One offence.