Edinburgh Leisure Pitch Bookings

There is a small change in the system for booking pitches with Edinburgh Leisure.

Sandra Brown has been Paul Bailey’s contact for many years, and she has been wonderful in helping us to book grounds. Now that all bookings, both for schools and other pitches, are being combined and administered from Sighthill, Sandra has resigned.

Fortunately the person taking over from Sandra (Ali) has agreed to continue cooperating with Paul, which means that he allocates Saturday pitches once a fixture list is produced.  Ali will then confirm these, and clubs will book the actual pitches with Edinburgh Leisure as usual.  Note that Paul will have no connection with pitch bookings for other days.

This is the relevant address now: school&pitchbookings@edinburghleisure.co.uk

Unfortunately we won’t know prices till January.

Any queries, please get in contact.