2020 Fixtures Now Up

As of today, the full list of fixtures for ESCA Championship to Div 7 are available.  We have 11 teams in Div 7 and therefore it has been a bit more tricky to deal with, hence the delay.

For those in division 7, most teams will play 16 matches (2 free Saturdays) and some 17 matches. All teams have at least 8 home matches. It has been very difficult to put together and accommodate given the large number of (higher team) pitch constraints and it does mean we don’t have an even split of home and away, but every team plays every other team at least once and no one has 3 matches against another team.

We believe these are correct, but please let us know if there are any errors.  We will not be able to accommodate any ‘nice to have’ changes but if clubs want to speak to their opposition around mutual tweaks or venue changes, then they are welcome to – though please let Ramsay Allan and the comps-sub know so we can reflect any changes on the website.