2020 Fixtures

Season 2020 Fixtures

A holding page for the proposed shortened season 2020 fixtures.

Proposed fixtures below – **UPDATED 31st August 2020**.


ESCA Fixture Planning 2020 – All fixtures Edin – Rev 10b – 200831

ESCA Fixture Planning 2020 – Paired T20 Ground Scenario Edin – Rev 10 – 200812

ESCA Fixture Planning 2020 – All fixtures Non Edin – Rev 9 – 200726

ESCA Fixtures – The Premise

All fixtures start as of 15th August.

Clubs should note that the (general) default for the games shall be T20 matches, in pairs on a Saturday (with the odd Sunday due to ground availability challenges).  This has been done to allow clubs to help facilitate local Sunday fixtures and/or allow Womens and Girls’ or Junior matches. It has also been done like this due to facilities (particularly Edinburgh Leisure facilities) where toilet provision may not be available and/or clubs may not want to undertake dictated cleaning regimes.  As such, we cannot let clubs default to an 8 hour+ match without having necessary welfare facilities available.

Although T20 and largely Saturday fixtures are the default, we are happy for clubs to change the day, timing and/or format IF they can comply with all necessary guidance (e.g. it may suit a club with their own ground and all measures in place to have one team on a Saturday and another on a Sunday, both playing 40 overs).  We are also happy for this to be done to help with player availability, but we ask in all cases that it is done by mutual agreement and ESCA are advised of any change in the fixture.  We also ask that teams contact one another to make sure contacts (Captain, Covid monitor, etc) and any steps that need to be taken at the ground on the day are known in advance.

Note that the pools of teams have been largely based on ESCA league position to try and avoid large mismatches.  Pools 1a and 1b are a mix of Championship and Division 1 clubs, but the split here is also influenced by ground availability.

Note that the fixtures for non-Edinburgh clubs have some flexibility (given fewer issues with ground availability) and they should be seen as a framework within which to work.  We are happy if clubs want to adjust to suit.


ESCA Fixtures – Grounds

For the fixture planning in Edinburgh, where the biggest challenges exist, you will see that we have included a number of Edinburgh Leisure grounds.  EL have confirmed that artificial pitches will be available to play on, subject to adherence with all relevant guidance.  Grass pitches will remain unplayable, except for Meggetland, where we await confirmation on the grass square.  We are also thankful to clubs who have said that they are happy for clubs to use grounds as neutral venues.  Fortunately we don’t have too many instances of this, but thanks in particular go to Edinburgh South, Inch Park Community Sports Club, as well as Grange and Carlton in helping us look at options with respect to ground planning.

Where clubs want to make a change to arrangements or add in additional fixtures, we would ask that clubs communicate with one another with respect to pitch availability issues, particularly for those who use Edinburgh Leisure facilities.  We would ask that clubs who have ‘traditional long lets’ on pitches are given first refusal on any date.  Please also note that any additional fixtures added must not be to the detriment of the fixture list (i.e. a club must look to fulfill the fixture arranged by ESCA and not call off to play in an alternative, subsequently arranged fixture).

For sides who are on an EL ground, we will be sending this list to EL to act as the basis of pitch bookings.  Clubs will still need to confirm the booking with EL as they will retain liability for the booking, including costs, insurances, etc.  We would expect pitch costs to be shared between clubs who are using EL grounds, as the fixtures have had to take into account keyholders.  EL will invoice the full amount to the ‘home’ club, but we expect the ‘away’ club to transfer monies via electronic means after the event.  Please can clubs communicate with each other on this.  For those using Inch Park, clubs will be separately invoiced.


ESCA Fixtures – Midweek Fixtures

ESCA will NOT be arranging any fixtures for clubs for midweek, with planning limited to Saturday/Sunday only.  As such, if clubs want to arrange ad-hoc, midweek T20 friendlies, we are happy for them to do so, but would reiterate the need for clubs to follow all necessary Scottish Government, sportscotland and CS advice.  Given the latest guidance, it is likely that midweek matches from 3rd to 7th August may have to be intra-club friendlies.


ESCA Fixtures – Covid Measures and Mitigation

We would reiterate to clubs that to compete in any form of cricket, they will be subject to completing the necessary risk assessments and implementing all necessary measures to keep players, umpires, volunteers and members of the public safe.

Current guidance is available on the CS website: http://www.cricketscotland.com/covid-19-return-to-cricket/

We are expecting further guidance around what to expect on a match day, which will include steps for track and trace.  Clubs must provide a teamsheet on the day to this end, but please look out for further guidance in due course.

As noted before, one of the other requirements is for clubs to put in place COVID ‘monitors’.  These individuals will have a responsibility for ensuring that the measures put in place through the CS guidance and club’s own risk assessment are adhered to.  They will also be key in liaising with the opposition in preparation for matches, to ensure that they understand what other/different measures may be in place at other grounds. As such, we are asking clubs to advise ESCA who their appointed COVID ‘monitors’ are, along with a contact email/phone number.  We would ask that clubs do this now and through the existing ESCA contacts lists, through the match return system (https://www.cricketstats.org.uk/).  This will be mandatory for any club wanting to undertake cricketing activities this year.

We are also expecting further guidance around welfare facilities and what can be done with respect to toilet facilities at Edinburgh Leisure grounds.  It is likely that the responsibility for toilets would fall back to the club, including necessary cleaning.


ESCA Fixtures – Conduct

We cannot stress enough the fact that the reason why we have been driven to produce fixtures is to make sure as many people get to play cricket this summer as is possible.  These fixtures are friendlies and we expect clubs to play them in keeping with the spirit of the game.  One of the biggest things cited as pushing players away from playing cricket is behaviour. We know that even in friendlies, competitive instinct can take over, but players need to remember why they are there and it is imperative that Captains are responsible for their and their players’ actions.

ESCA do not want to have to get involved with any squabbles that may occur from a game and we would ask for clubs to work together to avoid or solve any disputes at the time.  Ultimately it will come down to good communication.

We would note that players will still be subject to CS code of conduct and disciplinary action.  ESCA do not want to have to deal with player misconduct but will, if necessary, including escalation to CS if the matter is of a serious nature.


ESCA Fixtures – Rules

We are not looking to impose specific rules on the matches as they are friendlies, and we ask that clubs follow the laws of cricket.  We also ask clubs to play the game situation as there is little value in a team racking up 300 and skittling a team for below 100 in the context of a friendly.  This is an opportunity for getting players involved and we would ask Captains to show the necessary leadership to use the opportunity positively.

In terms of eligibility, again we are not going to impose anything here, but we do ask clubs to apply some common sense.  If, in a T20 paired match at one ground where 2 sides from the same game are playing consecutively, it could be that a player ends up playing in both games if the club is short of numbers or in longer form, playing two games in a weekend.  Again, we’d ask Captains to apply common sense on this to limit any mismatches and give as many players the opportunity to be involved where possible.