A Mid-season Reminder

We have reached two thirds of the way through the season and the weather has generally been pretty good for cricket.  There have been a small number of Covid cases but, broadly, the impact has been a lot less than it could of been and we thank clubs who have had to deal with it for their communication and to those opposition clubs thay were affected for their understanding.

However, it is a continuing point of frustration that some players and clubs continue to play an amateur game in very much the wrong spirit.

ESCA have had reports of foul and abusive language, over the top sledging, dissent to umpires, and accusations of cheating.  We also need to remind team without neutral umpires that we do not play legside wides, umpiring while conversing on a mobile phone is unacceptable and there is a significant difference between a knee high full toss and a no ball.

Yes, we expect players to play competitively, but we expect a certain level of conduct and respect shown to opposition, irrespective of match circumstance or division.

ESCA have formally written to a number of clubs about their team’s fairplay scores from the first half of the season, where they have been particularly low or issues identified.  We have asked Clubs and Captains to take ownership of this and to improve conduct, or ESCA will look to take further action.

We have also had a small number of reports about players who may have a questionable bowling action. We know a couple of Captains have been very good in this regard, having a quiet word with the opposition Captain.  Players surrounding the player umpires and threatening to call no balls is not acceptable.  If there is a potential issue, we ask that clubs highlight this to the Divisional rep to see whether this is a one off, or a consistent problem.  We would also ask Captains to keep an eye on their players too.

There is a significant onus on Captains in the above, but that is one of the necessities of taking on the role.

Hopefully we can see out the rest of the season with fewer problems.