ESCA Committee & Sub-Committees – New Members for 2023

ESCA are continuing to work hard for it’s members, facilitating and developing cricket at grass roots level.  However, this cannot be done without volunteers to help take on roles in the committee.  Looking to 2023, we already know we are going to see a number of changing faces, including and a new President as of end of January and therefore we are looking for volunteers to be part of ESCA; whether this is on the full committee or part of a sub-committee.
Current roles required:
– Secretary
– EDI lead
– Disciplinary sub-committee lead
– Discipline officer
– Development sub-committee officer
– Competitions sub-committee member (Div rep and Masterton Organising Committee)
Media & Comms sub-committee member
We are also looking for general support on the current sub-committees (competitions, media & comms, development, finance and discipline).
If you are interested in any of the above, please let Neil Granger or Kash Hussain know.