ESCA Rules – Player Loaning/Guests

Given we are now into holiday season, a reminder that that under the rules adopted at the SGM, player loaning is allowable in principle.  The ESCA rules state:

Dual Registration – Players Playing for Other Clubs:

  • Any player (“guest”) not required by their own club may make themselves available to any team not more than 3 divisions below that of the team they normally (as defined under 7.4.6) play for.
  • The guest player must have written permission (including electronic communication) from their own club and the Divisional Representative of the team for which the guest is playing must be informed prior to the start of the match. The guest must be registered by that team in the normal way (with “(G)” appended to the player surname).
  • A player may not play for more than one club in the same weekend.

The aim of these rules is not to assist teams push for promotion or avoid relegation, but with a view to avoiding a game being scratched and getting people to play cricket (particularly when the weather has been as good as it has).  There are a couple of sides with no scheduled games who may have players that still want a game or perhaps even the odd late call off that might help.

The Div Rep and Comps Committee do reserve the right to review the suitability of guesting players and we’d ask that teams apply some common sense in using this rule.  It’s about participation after all.  Please also make sure that if you are doing this, that communication between both clubs is high in case of any issues (e.g. late call offs and a parent club needing a loaned player back).

To help, the ECSA forum has a new thread area for sharing details of extra players:

We will keep an eye on this and see how it works.