ESCA SGM & Pre-season Meeting – 11th April ’24

No April Fools this morning from ESCA (tempting to suggest bringing in mandatory black pads to make sure umpires can better see the pink ball for lbws…), but a reminder about the pre-season meeting. This will be at Grange CC on Thursday 11th April from 7pm.  We will be there from 6.15pm for ball collection.  If you can’t make the meeting, please arrange for a local club to collect yours for you.
Below are the papers for the SGM part of the meeting (apologies for the slight delay).  As in previous years, we have a number of minor rule changes to tidy up but we do also have some changes to ensure consistency with the revised constitution and some rules based on lessons learned from last year.  The biggest change is on the fairplay scores and how we propose to use them in 2024. We ask that clubs review this in detail as it will affect everyone.
Amendments can be taken on the night, but we’d clearly prefer to minimise that if possible, so if there are any questions, please let us know.