ESCA statement on steps forward on racism and discrimination

It is difficult to have missed the cricketing headlines in the last few days, including the harrowing testimony to a Parliamentary Select Committee. The evidence put forward and the subsequent fall out is damning and has cast a significant shadow over cricket.

Irrespective of the finer points of individual cases, it is clear that racism and discrimination have been part of the game for some time and more needs to be done. This, of course, includes cricket in Scotland.

I have fielded a number of calls in the last couple of days, asking my views on behalf of Club and Association and asking what needs to be done. We have tried to be inclusive around equality and diversity in ESCA, but more can always be done.

We need to understand the issues that do exist by engaging properly with all those associated with cricket and, most importantly, by listening. We also need to do this properly, in a structured way, with some independent support so there can be no concerns around validity of findings.

In line with work being done by Cricket Scotland, ESCA will engage with appropriate parties and work that is being setup to undertake the necessary research. This will also build on the CS Equality Action Plan launched last week (link to which is HERE). We will communicate with all clubs and those involved with cricket through various comms mediums to make sure voices are heard.

This will take a little time to do properly, so we ask for some patience. We are certainly not doing nothing.

As for the results, some may be uncomfortable to hear. Some may be surprising. There will be positives too, that collectively we can learn from. Whatever they are, we are committed to reviewing and actioning to make cricket, specifically in the East of Scotland, better for ALL.