ESCA Statement on the Independent Review

ESCA have now had a chance to review and digest the findings of the Plan4Sport report. The findings and recommendations are uncomfortable,  shocking and disappointing to read. As a Regional Association named within the report, we acknowledge and respect the findings in the whole.

We would unreservedly apologise to any individuals who have been subjected to any form of racism or discrimination, irrespective of whether specifically under our jurisdiction or not. No one should be subjected to any form of discrimination and the cricket family needs to stand together to call it out.

We acknowledge there is much to be done to make cricket in Scotland and specifically cricket in the East more inclusive and remove all forms of discrimination. There are going to be some hard yards required, including around governance, training and communication, but we reiterate that we are committed to work with sportscotland, Cricket Scotland and other key parties, such as Running Out Racism, to ensure a vision of cricket for all is achieved.

The full report can be found here: