ESCA Survey 2017 – Findings Report

ESCA conducted a short survey at the end of August 2017 to investigate the opinion of current and former players, enthusiasts and potential newcomers to the sport on the current structure, format and appetite for the game. Respondents were also asked to provide opinion on potential future structure and improvements.

There were 439 responses to the survey and attached to this post is a copy of the analysis of the responses.  We’d invite all parties to review the findings and provide any comments on it to ESCA, through their club, at the ESCA Clubs’ Forum at Grange CC on 21st September ’17.

Please note that it is intentional that no formal recommendations have been made by ESCA at this point as we would like clubs to lead the discussion on Thursday night.  ESCA will then review the outcomes at the October committee meeting, with a view to presenting proposals to be discussed and voted upon at the AGM in November.

ESCA Survey 2017 – Findings – Rev 0b -170916