3. Dougie Brown keeps his cool

  • April 9, 2020


Canada v Scotland – 31 January 2007

Scotland won by 7 runs

The day after Scotland beat Ireland by scoring the 15 runs which they needed from the final over, Canada gave them a real fright, needing 13 from the final over with centurion Bagai still unbeaten at the crease. Dougie Brown showed all his experience and conceded only four runs from the over.

Apart from his final over Dougie hammered 50 not out off only 27 balls including two sixes from successive balls; then in Canada’s innings he took the important wicket of Samad with his first delivery. Samad and Bagai had just scored 71 for the 2nd wicket in 11 overs, and Samad had hoisted Hoffmann for 6 in his first over; now Hoffmann was not overjoyed to be getting the treatment which he likes to give opponents when he bats, and was guilty of obstructing Samad. Hoffmann allegedly deliberately dropped his shoulder to bump into Samad in his follow through and knocked him to the ground. Samad got up to complete the run but then needed four minutes of treatment. Hoffmann was fined 50% of his match fee.

You can watch it on Youtube!


The comments on the Youtube clip are interesting.


Macca “This just gets funnier and funnier with every viewing”


Ross Lyons:- “memories hoffy… looked even funnier from third man”


Anon:- “This man is an animal. He has no place in the sport and should be given a lifetime ban”

Bagai was named Man of the Match for his 137* and always kept the Canadians in touch; his century stand forced Scotland on the back foot, as Canada need 77 with 7 wickets left. Craig Wright shuffled his bowlers in search of a breakthrough, and in the end it was Wright himself who got two vital wickets with excellent catches in the deep by Watts and Blain. By conceding only 3 wides compared to 14 by Canada, all Scotland’s bowlers contributed to the win, each going for about 5 an over.

With Canada requiring 38 runs from the last four overs with 3 wickets in hand, another superb catch, this time by Ryan Watson, running in from the long-on boundary, got rid of Bhatti.

Bagai meanwhile was proving obstinate, and his 137* earned him Man of the Match and remains the Canadian highest score in an ODI. But it didn’t win the match, and Dougie Brown perhaps should have received the award. He bowled the final over and conceded just 4 runs when 12 were needed; just as important was his 50*, scored off just 27 balls, his highest score ever in an ODI. Fraser Watts and Gavin Hamilton had given the team a very solid foundation; people commented on excellent running between the wickets, but it needed an innings like Dougie’s to set a formidable target.


DF Watts lbw b Davison 70

RM Haq c Davison b Bhatti 27

RR Watson b Dhaniram 27

GM Hamilton not out 64

NFI McCallum c Mulla b Cummins 6

DR Brown not out 50

Extras (b1, lb13, w14, nb4) 32

Total 276-4 (50 overs)


Bhatti 10 0 32 1

Cummins 10 1 67 1

Osinde 10 0 61 0

Maxwell 3 0 12 0

Dhaniram 5 0 29 1

Davison 10 0 45 1

Sandher 2 0 16 0


1-66, 2-110, 3-166, 4-179


DR Lockhart, PJC Hoffmann, CM Wright, JAR Blain & RT Lyons dnb



JM Davison b Blain 4

AM Samad lbw b Brown 32

A Bagai not out 137*

Qaiser Ali, lbw b Wright 0

AA Mulla c Watts b Wright 48

S Dhaniram c Blain b Wright 8

DES Maxwell lbw b Haq 4

U Bhatti c Watson b Hoffmann 11

AC Cummins c Lockhart b Hoffmann 3

H Osinde run out 1

KT Sandher not out 0

Extras (b7, lb8, w3, nb3) 21

Total 269-9 (50 overs)


Hoffmann 10 0 56 2

Blain 7 1 38 1

Wright 10 0 46 3

Brown 6 1 28 1

Haq 10 0 51 1

Lyons 7 0 35 0

1-20, 2-91, 3-92, 4-192, 5-202, 6-207, 7-241, 8-256, 9-268