New Administration & Digital Scoring Platform

As noted at the AGM, Cricket Scotland will be rolling out its new administration and scoring software for the start of the 2022 season.

In preparation for this, George Burns (who has been leading the initiative) has provided a number of slides for information for clubs:

  • The CSLive document is a one-page slide with a number of bullet points advising of the benefits of the product.
  • The Frogbox slide is a three slide presentation giving information on the Frogbox kit, which can be purchased by clubs, enabling live streaming of their matches in conjunction with the new scoring software.
  • The Product Information for UK Clubs and Committees is a much more detailed pack on the Frogbox kit, giving indicative costs etc.

Note we have provided all information to clubs, but there is no obligation in purchasing.

In terms of what will be happening this season, the portal will be used for all clubs to post match returns on and will be used instead of Peter Kingsbury’s previous CricketStats platform.  We would reiterate that scoring on the new digital platform is NOT mandatory.

Obviously the more you use the new technology, the more you will get out.  If  you wish to just score games in a book, then all that is needed is to input the final scorecard into the new platform, rather than Cricketstats as you do now. If you score the game on the new software it will upload automatically with no post-match entering of the scorecard.

CS will be looking to purchase Frogbox kits on behalf of interested clubs. There are savings to be made both on the Frogbox kits themselves as well as the streaming passes for bulk orders. Any club that is interested in purchasing a kit for live streaming, please can you let us/George know by Friday 18th February.

Tailored full training Zoom sessions will be scheduled for Associations, Clubs and scorers. These sessions will be recorded and will be available to view retrospectively by all interested parties.

If you need any further info at this stage then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.